Flamethrwz Music Group LLC is an Richmond VA based entertainment company aimed towards music publishing and the music business. Made up of two subsidiary entities Ron Witherspoon International Publishings (ASCAP) and OG1982 Publishings (BMI), Flamethrwz Music Group provides music entertainment and publishing services that include catalog administration, and music business consulting.

Created my Antonie “Flee Debeassi” Hawkins Flamethrwz Music Group’s RWISE program will “empower and equip those seeking knowledge of the music industry with some of the fundamental principles that will bring a better understanding of the things it will take to enhance their music career.”

IG: R3vbull Twitter:Debeassi Facebook: Flamethrwz Music Group

Antoine “Flee Debeassi” Hawkins

Flamethrwz Music Group LLC

OG 1982 Publishings

Ron Witherspoon International Publishings

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