Local aspiring musician/artist CURT THUGGN is a special artist to me. Another East end RVa native (cross the water) Curt creates visuals with his poetic like rap style..From coming up as the oldest of 6 siblings, he has his fair share of struggles and hurdles. From gang affiliation to time behind bars to finding a way to channel that negative street engery into his craft of paiting pictures with words. With tapes like “Cross the Water” and singles like “Red Velvet’ and his newest “I Said What i Said” he seems to have found his pocket in this industry. If you are looking for and cocky arrogance, you might need to check elsewhere. Humbleness and Reality is all you get here. Check him out
Hack✍ https://youtube.com/channel/UCtvYgS1e-Dt_dYMhabeVqug

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