Lillian Books LLC

Lillian Books LLC

Lillian Books LLC is “all about children’s reading with an educational purpose.” Lillian Books LLC was created by Jasmin Merdach for her daughter Lilly. Lilly was born March 2020 at the beginning of the Pandemic. Jasmin was able to write & publish a book for Lilly before her 1st birthday. This was all an effort to do something special for her daughter that she could cherish for life, and in return she made Lilly the main character.

Lillian Books LLC goal is to provide a better understanding of science topics. With the help of Lilly, the little scientist, their products encourage reading for ages 3-7. In the first book of the series illustrated by Frances Rose Espanol ,”Lilly, The Little Scientist & Germs” book explores germs and helps children learn some basic ways to avoid them and stay healthy. Lillian Books LLC | Facebook Lilly Books (@lillianbooksllc)

“People ask me what inspires me..she inspires me! I started Outschool when she was 6 months old. Then I wanted to give her a gift she can always cherish for herself…A children’s book series. Although I’m the writer for Lillian Books, Lilly is my why and always will be.”~ Jasmin Merdach.

Lilly, The Little Scientist & Germs (Lillian Books Series): Jasmin Merdach, Frances Rose Espanol: 9780578852034: Books

Eastern Henrico woman pens children’s book in time for daughter’s first birthday | The Henrico Citizen check out more info from an article from The Henrico Citizen

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