The year was 2000, and Saraellen Bagby has just begun her career as a licensed hair stylist. This was a natural move for her because she had already mastered the craft of all things hair. By 2017, Bagby had climbed the ranks in within that company. In turn she became a leader, personal/business coach, helped in the openings of new salons, trained salon owners in communication, and leadership development. Her last and most important role before moving on from the company was district leader. In this role she was overseeing about 13 salons on average. She committed herself to helping each of the leaders of the salons to be successful.

Saraellen Bagby

After the birth of her child, Saraellen took up photography as a hobby but she instantly knew it could be something bigger. Within 4 months she obtained her business license under JBella LLC and her business came into fruition. She continued to work her fulltime job and was still reaching insane numbers in her first year. This made her realize that if she pursued this fulltime not only could she be successful but she could have a lot more free time. In May 2019, she took the plunge and resigned after 19 years with her former employer. Next she tied in her first love of hair/make up in with her new love of photography so she could offer clients a FULL experience of being “all done up”. She got this idea from childhood, when you were looking you best, you were on top of the world and nothing else mattered around you.

That thought process inspired her to come up with her coaching business Xcellence Coaching and Business Planning LLC. Saraellen’s goal when pursuing this venture is show people that it’s possible to be successful in both your personal and private lives. In her words “I think it’s important to know that each generation has the power to be the start of change and write a new story for generations to come”. For her, it started with coaching stylist through goal setting and creating task and in turn has ballooned into a business that strives for personal excellence. She is very passionate about showing others their potential and pushing them to get what would be destined for them anyway. I applaud this Sister for being so determined and motivated to see others shine. Be sure to check out Saraellen Bagby whether it be for her amazing photography skills or coaching, you won’t go wrong.

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