BrandNewZ Clothing is a cutting-edge street couture lifestyle brand for the progressive fashion-forward thinkers who live life forward, while doing it with style, pizzazz, and good taste. The motto is to live life with great passion, purpose, and style- all while being your greater self. BrandNewZ is spelled with a Z at the end to symbolize the journey of life from A-Z. In theory, it is believed that when you get to the end of the alphabet {the Z}, that it’s the end and that you can’t go any further. With BrandNewZ, it’s not the end…that’s why the Z in BrandNewZ is flipped forward to symbolize forward movement, life, and driven purpose. BrandNewZ Clothing takes pride in being the mantra for fashion excellence, trendsetting style, and culture. Life is a journey from A-Z, and no matter where you may be in the alphabet of life, Live Forward…” ~Greg “BrandNewZ” Bryant


BrandNEwZ Clothing is a rising Virginia based brand with over 11k followers on Instagram. BrandNewz Clothing has been embraced by Celebrities and Athletes. Celebrities such as Virginia’s own A.I ,and Trey Songz.

BrandnewZ “Iconic”Clothing provided the nation with a clothing expression seen worn on the front lines of the battle against social injustice, and racism.

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