There are many felons in the state of Virginia. Many struggle with transitioning back into society. Some have been incarcerated for years, or even decades and struggle to enter a world that is new, unfamiliar and mostly not felon friendly. They struggle to find employment, job assistance training, housing, transportation, and medical care. That is the harsh reality awaiting them. We don’t believe people should have to deal with this burden alone.

Our mission at is to try to consolidate organizations, groups, property managers, educational resources, legal services, transportation help, clothing and meals services that are willing to assist these men and women who have paid their debt to society and are now struggling to become contributing members of their communities. We can also provide general information to assist felons who would like to obtain a license or even start their own business.

Join and share if you are a felon or know of a felon that might need assistance. Please contact us if you are an organization, group or person who can provide a service for felons. Together, we can make a change.

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